Design and format

Once we’ve grabbed your client’s attention with the look of your tender document, we’ll make it as easy as possible for them to digest the content. The volume of proposals submitted for each contract has doubled in recent years, so chances are your client has lots to read but little time.  No problem.  We won’t just give your tender proposal visual impact. We’ll make it a breeze to navigate by including an eye catching executive summary and bespoke subject dividers.

Production and despatch

Once it’s looking great, we ensure things stay that way. Our high-quality binders will protect your tender proposal, no matter how many times it is handled (and they look the part too).  Talking of handling, we’ll take care of that - whether the destination is Aberdeen or Abu Dhabi.  Specialist packaging and trusted courier relationships ensure that your client gets your tender proposal on time and in pristine condition.  After all that hard work, why take any risks?

The extra mile

Some parting thoughts:  We recognise that your tender document is a big deal (literally).  Sensitive handling of confidential information is a given.  Up against the clock? Our creative and production teams have been known to work into the small hours to help achieve a deadline.  What about the client who needs access to your tender document from his iPad on a transatlantic flight? Creating an electronic, interactive version of your proposal is all part of the XIC service.  Need to do it all again next month? We’ll provide you with a show-stopping branded template to share with your team. Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to XIC instead. 

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