Project Spotlight


High quality provider of training for maritime, offshore and renewables personnel, Stena-owned Clyde Training Solutions was undergoing changes to its Westhill premises so it was better suited to accommodate its practices. 

After splitting one room into two training rooms, the Clyde Training team was looking to give the interior space a facelift so it would feel more professional and inviting for visitors, while also updating the exterior to ensure the brand was prominently displayed. 

The project required a combination of XIC’s three core services; design, print and display, and our team was more than excited to get started…


When considering the interior of the premises, the client emphasised that it wanted every room to be brought to life and to feel like it really belonged to the brand. To do this, we designed 21 medium density fibreboard (MDF) wrapped prints that had engaging photography relevant to the courses delivered by Clyde Training Solutions. Stamped with the client’s logo to give the brand increased visibility, these prints were mounted on the walls throughout the building with ease.

The client’s ethos, “Competency Beyond Compliance”, represents how it wishes to be seen within the market which is showcased in the quality of training experiences it provides to attendees. To incorporate this, we added cut plastic letters to its training room that had a sleek, steel appearance so that this message was reinforced with both staff and customers. Additionally, we also provided the client with six roller banners for marketing support, while replacing the plaque found upon entering the building for a professional look and to add a consistent brand flow throughout the space.  

For the building’s exterior, we produced its logo in cut vinyl, adding it to the existing signage and also applied three more logos cut out of etch vinyl to the canteen windows. Combined, this helps raise awareness of Clyde Training Solutions within the Stena building. 


By adding brand elements to the exterior of the building, this not only makes the company easier to locate, but visitors and passers by will build recognition for the brand, raising awareness of its services in the North-east. Through introducing full-colour imagery throughout the premises, this adds an engaging visual element for new clients to feel more connected to the brand. 

The new roller banners also flexibly support the team’s marketing efforts. This portable concept ensures that Clyde Training Solutions can deliver engaging training courses with useful and relevant marketing literature in the background, which also includes QR codes for visitors to easily find out more information about the organisation. 

As a creative printer, our goal is to meet the needs of our client while embracing every opportunity to bring our own ideas and expertise to the table which is what made this project an absolute joy to be a part of. Clyde Training Solutions was ecstatic about the results.

“On behalf of the whole Clyde Training solutions team, we’re delighted with the final look of our training premises which is now professional, and consistent from room to room. 

“We started off with a complete blank canvas and although we had some idea of what we were looking for, XIC went above and beyond our expectations, transforming the previously white space into a room full of engaging imagery. As we’re located within Stena’s building, the added exterior branding really helps affirm our location for visitors.”

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