Safety Campaign

A themed workforce programme ‘PERFORM’ was developed and translated across a range of materials to enlighten and motivate others about the contribution they make in delivering ‘Safety as Capacity’ and helping Gallant reach its objective of being ‘The Safest Place to Work.’

A strong bold design was created to maximise engagement which was recognised by Maersk on a Global level.
We delivered high impact posters, pocket cards and various other products which were essential tools in delivering very important safety information.

Maersk Gallant Rig Manager Chris Rennie says, “I strongly believe that creating the right environment is the baseline for developing ‘safety as capacity’ in our culture.”

The right environment was created by involving the Gallant stacking crew, who actively and positively shared individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours on how ‘Safety as Capacity’ is managed where they work.

Chris concludes, “By engaging with the crew from an early stage, they have really taken ownership of building safety capacity into their culture. Our ‘PERFORM’ programme is not a campaign with a natural end, as we continuously strive to inspire positive enabling and engagement behaviours.”