Green solutions to design and print for business

‘Net zero’, ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ have become buzzwords recently in the face of climate change, especially as organisations aim to transition or at least adopt a more sustainable approach to the way they do business. In our industry of print and design specifically, we often recognise businesses are keen to progress with going green but often don’t know what green solutions are on offer or where to start.

At XIC, we’ve implemented a number of ways to make it easier for businesses to make more environmentally friendly choices when they choose to work with us. These include:

♻️ Using cardboard alternatives to limit plastic packaging 

♻️ Switching to recyclable bubble wrap and shrink film

♻️ Purchasing our second electric car 

♻️ Installing LED lighting throughout our premises 

Our green solutions 

  1. Printing that’s kind to the planet

With everyone trying to go greener, printing can be perceived as a less eco-friendly solution in today’s digital world. However, we have joined the World Land Trust Carbon Balancing scheme, so running your print job through our factory – no matter what it may be – means that it is carbon balanced and makes you eligible for using a powerful carbon-balanced paper logo.

  1. Display materials 

The fibreboard panels were built to seamless shell scheme requirements, creating a real wow factor while also being sustainable, cost-effective and lightweight. If you were at The Ultimate Business Show this year, you will have seen the new boards in action.

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