Introducing the 2022 corporate Must-Have


You haven’t been to an event in a while. You’re feeling out of touch. Don’t worry – everyone else is in the same boat after a couple of years in captivity.

But event basics are still the same – and stronger than ever. Creating a unique and immersive visitor experience remains key. And tech is still a big part of the wow-factor.

But if budgets remain tight post-pandemic, invest in the power of offline communication. You can still wow tech-free – and our 2022 must-have proves it.

So, drumroll, please…
Yes – it’s as simple as that!


Nothing new or ground-breaking – just an old faithful adding LOTS of value. That’s almost more exciting.

We’ve recently seen a huge shift to fabric-based solutions. So, here’s why these strong, lightweight frames with their stretchy printed covers are on everyone’s wish list:
  • Impactful at exhibitions and perfect to quickly refresh a tired-looking office space.
  • Ultra-easy assembly thanks to the simple ‘click together’ mechanism.
  • Extra exposure with front and back printing.
  • Prosecco spill? Ink stain? The covers are washable.
  • Multiple brand messages? Order extra covers.

Our clients are already investing in fabric-focused promo materials to decorate, inspire and communicate in 2020 – why don’t you join them?

Pop-up display stand

  • Ideal for: Branded signage in offices or at events.
  • Added value: Make your marketing materials irresistible and add a basket for documents.

Continuous graphic backdrop

  • Ideal for: Defining an exhibition area, creating corridors or sectioning off a large room without visible join lines.
  • Added value: Want more space to sell yourself? Opt for double-sided printing or join multiple backdrops to create layers of visual impact.

Brand-new-in-the-UK booths

  • Ideal for: A cosy area for a private chat – an office meeting space or a themed breakaway area. A cabin in Cove, a beach in Blackburn, a ship in Skene – change the environment to suit the brand.
  • Added value: Print on all sides and make a statement with a ready-formed, one-piece stand – book ‘space only’ at your next exhibition!

Bespoke printed fabric furniture

  • Ideal for: Transforming open plan offices or enhancing event space whilst promoting yourself in full colour.
  • Added value: Introduce informal seating in communal offices or accessorise your exhibition booth with a tall table and matching bar stools.

Not forgetting…

  • Wall, floor and light boxes – Get noticed with bright backlit graphics.
  • Barriers – Quickly brand your event or workplace in full colour whilst sticking to safety procedures.
  • Gazebos – Tonnes of promo space + shelter at outdoor events = the ultimate branded display.
  • Popout banners – Instant self-assembly and a big impact.
  • Flags – Choose the right style for your brand or take your message on the move with a backpack flag.

Ready to create an immersive space in 2022? We can help!

  • Sophisticated tech + a purpose-built factory = fast turnaround with no compromise on quality.
  • We don’t just print – our creative team can bring your visual identity to life, whether you’re starting from scratch, fine-tuning an existing brand or developing a one-off campaign. Meeting expectations is our bare minimum.

Let us help you decorate, inspire and communicate with the 2022 corporate must-have.



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