QUIZ: Which Inspection Tag is right for you?

Quiz: Which inspection tag is right for you?

You’ve been ordering and loving our virtually indestructible bespoke tags – from fault tags and flange tags to gas cylinder tags – for years.
Now, INSPECTION TAGS is an official division of XIC.

From oil and gas to horticulture and aviation to warehousing, Inspection Tags’ mission is to keep your team safe and your assets protected with the ultimate bespoke tags.

Yup, we know – there are loads of other norm tags, lockout tags and backload tags out there. And you’re probably wondering what makes Inspection Tags better?

Well, that’s easy. It’s the winning, ECO-FRIENDLY formula – the amazing durability of plastic WITHOUT PVC and plasticisers. We feel greener (and safer) just thinking about it.

Add that to the fact Inspection Tags have been rigorously tried and tested with 10/10 for resilience, performance and usability, and 10/10 for aesthetics…

And the cherry on top? From decommissioning tags to quarantine tags to container check tags, they can ALL be completely customised to suit your brand.

Now, which suits your needs? Find out with our quick quiz below.

Is your priority…


Need to easily and quickly identify the status of your assets? Then informational tags are exactly what you need:

  • Vibrant fluorescent inks – See the status of your item at a glance.
  • Dayglo ink options – For when you need to stand out 24/7.
  • Bespoke – Select your material, weight, shape, size and colours for optimum visibility.
  • A full design service – Lots of free design advice, especially for you.
  • Your critical information displayed more clearly than ever before – Take advantage of our 30 years’ experience in making messages stand out through design and print.

Being able to track and trace?

Tear-off tags are a simple, visual way to keep track of your team and equipment – think isolation/do not operate tags and shutdown tags:

  • A flexible format – From a single tear-off section up to six.
  • Perfect perforations – Quick and easy to tear but your tag will stay stronger than ever.
  • Fluorescent and dayglo inks – Make each tear-off section stand out.
  • Bespoke – Select your shape, sizes, colours and colour sequences to suit your brand.
  • Easy to write on – Use any pen or pencil.


You’ll find eyebolt tags do what they say on the tin – and then some. They’ll help you risk assess your equipment then inform your team that it’s safe to use.

  • Virtually indestructible – Designed with tough environments in mind.
  • Ultra-eco-friendly – PVC and plastic-free whilst looking and feeling really
  • No minimum order – From 20 to 200,000.
  • Rapid turnaround – For small, urgent requests.
  • Cost-effective – And of the highest quality.
  • Locally produced and shipped globally – Efficient service wherever you are.

Building a tag that’s unique to you?

If you need something unique, bespoke tags give you complete freedom over everything.  

  • Customise your whole tag from design to function – Absolutely no restrictions.
  • Any colour, shape or size – We love a creative challenge.
  • Your choice of added extras – Try enhanced visibility with dayglo ink.
  • Sequential numbering – If you need it.
  • A full design service – And lots of tailored design advice, for free.

Ready to test out whether Inspection Tags really are virtually indestructible?

We’d love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world.

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