Why short print runs are your best friend – forever

We spent a lot of lockdown talking to clients about the availability and importance of short print runs. But, actually, they bring huge benefits during normal operations, too.

Here are just a few of the reasons why print runs of between 25 and 50 make our clients well chuffed:

Eliminate waste

Ordered 500 event flyers and 200 ended up in recycling? Ouch. Keep it simple and order a small batch. Hand them all out. Re-order another small batch. Job done with zero waste.

Cost control

Who wants brochures that’ll be out of date before they even reach the clients? Thankfully the days when digital was new and expensive (and the only way to get a good price was buying in bulk) are long gone. With technology rapidly improving, it now makes sense to just order what you need when you need it – hello, short-run digital print.

Keeps your marketing materials relevant and up-to-date

You can update your content every time you re-order. Whilst every time may be overkill, it’s a great reminder to constantly evaluate your marketing materials. Avoid the cringe-factor associated with inaccurate or out-of-date info – letterheads with old addresses, team sheets featuring long-gone staff or facts and figures from five years ago.

Add versioning and personalisation

Important meeting with a top prospect? Find out who’ll be there and create a unique version of your latest report or brochure, personalised to each of them. Hand them out then stand back and watch the impact. You’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

This blog is part of XIC’s Business Survival Guide, helping companies #keepcommunicationalive through COVID-19 and beyond.

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