The XIC team’s favourite creative print project

At XIC, we are lucky to work with a variety of exciting clients on their print, design and display projects. Each client’s requirements are entirely unique, which allows us to work together and get creative – building their projects from initial enquiry right through to completion.

While it’s hard for us to pick a firm favourite, a project that stood out for us last year was for our client Borr Drilling, which conveyed an important message around health and safety in the workplace.

In this blog post, we discuss what made this project stand out, which of our services were used and how the XIC team worked together to deliver the final product. 

What was the client brief? 

Borr Drilling contacted us to support its “ZERO HARM – One Safe Day at a Time” campaign in recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023. As part of the campaign, Borr Drilling’s leadership team made presentations to staff to deliver important points around the subject matter, but it was also keen to ingrain this message further and that’s where we stepped in. The team’s request was for us to design and produce attractive branded giveaways for its staff around the ZERO HARM initiative, and it was the perfect opportunity to try something new. 

What was delivered for the client? 

Eager for the giveaways to be memorable yet functional, this led us to design a notebook and pen but with a twist. Instead of just two items with a logo, we printed the key takeaways from the ZERO HARM campaign to act as a reminder, and boxed them up in striking blue packaging, while posters were also printed to help raise awareness of the initiative around the office. 

Delivering these giveaways for Borr Drilling was a particularly exciting project for us, as it encompassed all of XIC’s services – print, display and design. It was fantastic for the team to work together on a variety of elements that went into one little package – all creatively designed by us!

Why is this project the team’s favourite?

This project stands out because Borr Drilling allowed us to create something entirely unique without providing an extensive brief, offering us creative freedom when it came to designing and producing the materials. 

Our favourite part in particular was putting together a prototype of the notebook, pen and packaging. We love being able to present a tangible example of the finished product to our client, and we received extremely positive feedback. 

The fact this project combined all our core services was also particularly exciting – it’s a perfect example of XIC’s in-house expertise. 

Which members of the team were involved? 

Our “ideas man” Jason Moir is heavily involved in each and every aspect of the work we do, including this one. Following a meeting with Borr Drilling, Jason spent time alongside our production team and built a rough prototype of a product before communicating these ideas with our team in the studio, which then produced the prototype and the final product! 

From that point on, everybody from our estimators, designers, production and sales team all worked together to produce the products to the highest standard – with that unrivalled XIC flair! 

What made this project stand out? 

This project for Borr Drilling was particularly special for us, as we rarely produce a giveaway for a client’s staff in this way. We have previously produced branded stationery for some of our clients, but incorporating these products with attractive packaging made this project feel more personal. 

Having said that, we deliver fresh and new concepts for all of our clients, ensuring no two projects are ever the same. For example, if we were to receive a brief from a client similar to this one for Borr Drilling, we would make sure that the contents and aesthetics of the packaging were entirely different. 

Was the 3 step creative process applied? 

XIC’s 3-step creative process is always applied to the work we do – and we would never be able to start a project without it! Read more about our 3-step creative process here.

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