5 ideas for enhancing your brand throughout your office space

Personalising your office space to visually reflect your company’s brand and core values can have a positive impact both on employees and clients who visit, leaving them feeling inspired, motivated and connected to your business.

If your office space is feeling dull and dated, or is in need of having your company’s branding injected into the interiors, we’ve shared five ideas on how you can bring your brand to life in your workspace…

Cut vinyl 

Cut vinyl can be applied to walls for an eye catching effect and we can produce this in all shapes and sizes for maximum visual impact. Not only does it look good but having vinyl applied to your office space means you can raise your company’s profile, promote mission statements, core values and create brand awareness within your four walls.

Etched glass vinyl 

Etched glass vinyl helps diffuse or soften light without fully obscuring it, offering a great solution for added privacy in meeting rooms and offices where the rest of the workspace is open plan. The vinyl can be shape cut to form logos, branding elements or different patterns, creating a strong and professional impression for visitors and clients. 

Vinyl wrapped boards

Adding vinyl wrapped boards to your office is the perfect way to enhance the space with strong visuals that incorporate the company’s branding. Thanks to their sturdy structure and large size, they make a bold statement and offer a durable solution that can be used in a number of different ways. From brightening up the office with imagery related to your business or geographical area, to showcasing products and services, these boards can help display key parts of your business throughout your office interior.   

Textured vinyl wallscapes

Another way to showcase your brand throughout the office is through the use of striking wallscapes. We all know that hanging photos and artwork on our walls at home is the ideal way to personalise our space – so why not do this in the office too? With the use of textured vinyl, you can incorporate large graphics and distinctive imagery to create a strong visual impact for staff and visitors. You could use location specific photography, or images from key projects and add your company logo for maximum effect.

Fabric banners

Adding fabric banners as backdrops or into display areas is a great way to add your brand’s personality into your office. They make a striking impression with visitors and can be used long-term thanks to their machine washable material and durable fabric. This material also lends itself well to display banners as it leaves you with virtually no light reflection unlike alternative displays, allowing you to show off your brand artwork more effectively. 

Since fabric is so lightweight, these banners offer a significant amount of flexibility for any office environment. You can take them to trade shows as part of your company’s promotional display, or manoeuvre them to different areas of the office with ease.

Feeling inspired to give your office space a bit of a makeover?

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