How to make your message cut through social media noise

Lockdown = a good excuse to pause online marketing, right?


With your brand up against more noise than ever, especially on social media, it’s actually one of the most important times to be promoting your brand online.

You need to make your online marketing work harder. Especially because during lockdown it’s one of the few ways to get you closer to your clients and prospects as we remain at a distance.

But you won’t be the only one.

With more eyes on screens than ever (in between baking and mowing the grass in a wedding gown) a huge amount of content is being pushed out. And some of it is probably from your competitors.

So, how d’you cut through the chatter to get YOU noticed on social media?

Clever content

Yes, there’s lots of it out there but it doesn’t mean you can’t say your piece. Especially when almost half of buyers view three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales person.  Just be smart and relevant. What do your clients and prospects need to know now? How can you help them now? Could you use your skills, experience and ideas to support the NHS or others in need? Refresh your messaging for now and start creating clever content.

Impactful images

Although your clients are exposed to a massive amount of text each day, they’ll only remember about 20% of what they read. And, actually, the brain is geared to remember images rather than text. That’s why more than half of B2B marketers prioritise imagery within their strategy and 45% of their B2C counterparts see visuals as their most important content type. Be more memorable – add graphics.

Invest in infographics

Box clever with creative infographics. Your reader will absorb a wealth of information without realising it thanks to the creative image-based presentation. Remember, great design doesn’t just attract attention. It fosters engagement.

Get help

You could do it all yourself, no bother. Just like our MD could add designing innovative safety materials, packing a large direct mail piece and delivering urgent flyers to his already-crammed to do list. But it doesn’t make good business sense, does it? Asking for help isn’t admitting failure and everyone does it. Almost half of UK businesses outsource marketing, for example. 

Want to cut through the social media chatter?

Click here to make your social media presence shine.

You just need to keep your business going.


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