Our top three creative packaging projects of 2022

Throughout 2022 we worked with some incredible clients. From various print, design and display work, to unique packaging projects, we were able to get creative and produce fresh concepts that grabbed people’s attention.  

While it’s hard to pick a favourite, we’ve managed to choose our top three. Working with organisations such as STR, Maryculter House Hotel and Fugro, check out our blog below to find out how we developed bespoke packaging designs to show off their brand and stay at the forefront of their clients’ minds. 

Additionally, to help provide some extra inspiration as you plan out marketing materials for 2023, XIC’s Business Development Director, Jason Moir has also shared his top tips on how you can elevate your designs…


Subsea equipment specialist, STR took its clients to Murrayfield stadium to watch the highly anticipated Scotland vs All Blacks game in November 2022. Looking for VIP event material to enhance the overall experience, STR gave us free rein to come up with a concept for the event. 

We took this opportunity to go all out and delivered an idea that was not only incredibly visual, but practical too. Our first step was to ensure everything felt personal, envelopes with each guest’s name were printed onto a tartan background and itineraries were found inside on a rugby-ball shaped card, acknowledging the event’s theme with a nod to supporting Scotland. 

Capitalising on typical match day phrases, we created multiple packages to be used throughout, all of which were presented within a high quality black, STR branded bag. The ‘Warm up’ box features a snood with hand warmers to keep guests going throughout the game while the ‘Full time’ box was complete with whisky and shortbread to round off an exceptionally atmospheric day. For something to stand the test of time, we provided one more additional box, one with crystal glass with the date etched on to mark the occasion. 

These giveaway items were encompassed in unique packaging for maximum presentation. Combining matte and gloss textures into one design, it was the first time we have digitally created a soft touch laminated piece with a gloss logo. This unique project allowed us to experiment with printing techniques and challenge ourselves with a full black-on-black concept to align with the luxury of this corporate trip. We were thrilled with the outcome, which was sleek, professional and boasted a high quality feel.  

Jason’s top tip: “When it comes to design, less is more. Minimal presentation can add an element of luxury to the overall look, adding value in a subtle way.” 

Maryculter House Hotel 

Maryculter House is one of the most famous and historic hotels in the North-east. Constantly going above and beyond for guests and clients, the Maryculter team wanted to mark Easter with a small token of appreciation for its visitors. 

Looking to hand out Easter eggs, we were asked to design and produce packaging that incorporated the brand and felt exclusive to this specific venue. Known for its high quality service, we wanted to replicate the feel of Maryculter into the design so we went for something clean and elegant.

The white boxes were completed with minimal branding, but we wanted to add something even more bespoke to complement the gifts. To do this, we added a discount voucher on the exterior of the main Easter Egg packaging, this alongside smaller boxes holding creme eggs, were gifted to individuals as they left the premises. The result? Guests and clients felt important and were encouraged to return in the future, establishing Maryculter as a venue who puts people first and thinks of the smaller details that elevate an experience. 

Jason’s top tip: “Add personalisation, it really adds the wow factor! While it’s important to make your branding a key element, adding a call to action, such as a voucher, is what will really engage your recipient with you after they receive their gift.” 


We’ve worked with Fugro for a number of years, and while we’ve supported many requirements, this one was fun for our whole team to get involved in. Providing no brief, Fugro simply asked us, “What can we give to our clients if we take them to the Perth Races?”. 

As a creative printer, this really resonates with our passion and we took the opportunity to not only come up with a unique idea, but take control of the entire process from the design and wording of the materials to the final printing stage. 

Our concept focused on two boxes, one labelled TODAY and one labelled TOMORROW. The boxes were bound with two sleeves, one of which featured a warm welcome message to set the tone of this eventful day. Inside, the TODAY box was a branded money clip for men or a branded bag hanger for ladies. The TOMORROW box had some items to help with a hangover and featured tic-tacs, energy powder for a pick-me up and a cloth to cool the head.

The Perth Races event itself was celebrating the Gold Cup, so while keeping our design simple, we chose to go the extra mile and add some digital foiling, upgrading the overall look to feel luxurious and special.  

Jason’s top tip: “Make your products relevant for the occasion and keep your brand simple and clean, but don’t forget to make it fun and memorable. By producing a more bespoke gift, it really sticks in people’s minds and often ends up being a keepsake. This event happened a few months ago, and people still talk about it!” 

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