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Tight turnarounds are a speciality at XIC – there’s often only a small period of time between your first point of contact and receipt of your completed project.  Ever wondered about the activity that takes place in between? Wonder no more…

  1. One of our front office team takes your enquiry by ‘phone. Email requests arrive in a central enquiry folder monitored by four of our team.
  2. We agree the work scope then produce an estimate using our management information software.
  3. A job ticket is produced from the estimate structure; after checking, this is booked in with our production department for scheduling. At this point, we also order any materials required. The job is then passed to the studio for design and artwork.
  4. The studio team gets to work on bringing your project to life, based on the agreed project brief. Proofs are checked then issued.
  5. With designs and artwork approved, your project heads to our production area.
  6. The job is set-up on the relevant print machine and run off (print quality is regularly monitored). It’s then ready for finishing.
  7. Our finishing department takes care of any work such as folding, collating, booklet making, laminating and binding. Once complete the job is passed to dispatch.
  8. At dispatch the job is quality checked, boxed up and sent out for delivery – or passed back to the sales team for collection.
  9. Your shiny new materials arrive at their destination. Job done.

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