How to spark employee interest in health and safety

If you want to reduce risk and promote best practice by boosting employee enthusiasm about health and safety, you’ve come to the right place.

At first glance, a print, design and digital specialist advising on this may not make sense. But, actually, our Aberdeen HQ means we’ve developed an extensive and intricate knowledge of the industry. And our QHSE materials are loved by some of oil and gas’ biggest names.

Your printed safety material must educate and inform to keep your staff working safe. But generic literature isn’t enough – anyone worth their salt in oil and gas knows the sighs and eye-rolls this can generate.

What you need is a strong campaign underpinned by eye-catching design and impactful messaging. One that’ll inspire time and time again across a range of cleverly chosen channels.

So, how d’you achieve that?

Well, it’s all about combining innovation with information. And tailoring the materials to your staff, services and environment.

Here’s how Maersk, a company with more than 76,000 people operating in 130 companies, did it on its Gallant rig: 


Help Gallant become ‘The Safest Place to Work’ by developing a ‘safety as capacity’ culture.


Make the crew feel engaged and understood, and give them ownership by creating a campaign around their thoughts on safety.


The crew shared feedback on how safety is managed where they work and PERFORM was born. The campaign used impactful magnetic posters, handy pocket cards and practical tally books – all with consistent, bold design and strong messaging – to deliver important safety information. And it quickly got staff buy-in because they were involved from the start.


Staff were enlightened and motivated: “They have really taken ownership of building safety capacity into their culture,” explains Maersk Gallant rig manager, Chris Rennie.

Want to get your team excited about health and safety?

Reduce risk and promote best practice with impactful printed safety materials.

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