Project Spotlight


The marketing team behind Plant Integrity Management, an industry leader for consultancy and strategic management support for plants and equipment, first came across one of our exhibition stands while attending the Topsides UK conference. Impressed by XIC’s presence at the event, PIM wanted our expert team to deliver them a suite of promotional materials that would help them stand out at an upcoming event.

As PIM was searching for ‘something a bit different’ while being ‘open to any ideas’, the prospect of creative freedom with this project truly excited our team as opportunities like this allow our creative ideas to fly!

Before our team began to develop visuals and prototypes, we invited PIM’s Marketing Lead, Kerry Bain, down to the workshop for a quick tour – we often invite clients to the premises as it’s a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm ideas and to showcase some of our sample products.

The in-person meeting proved more than useful, as we were able to illustrate the many exhibition products that we had available which helped PIM’s marketing team envisage the new look of its event stand. After the meeting, we gave Kerry one of our ‘Box of Tricks’ to take back to the office as we know how important it is to offer inspiration and help visualise ideas. Complete with examples of our design, print and display work in varying forms from brochures to table toppers, the sample pack was the perfect tool to help Kerry and the team grasp exactly what they wanted for their upcoming event…


The team was very excited about a number of our products but was also aware it would not be possible to fit everything into one exhibition stand, the client settled on our pristine notebooks and wallets, as well as our concertina folded leaflets.

With products picked out and artwork supplied by the client, it meant that it was time to start step 3 of our creative process – designing visuals and prototypes for the printed materials.

The finished products were both sleek and professional and stood out thanks to the bold colours of PIM’s brand. Printed to the highest quality, the three products were packed and delivered to the client in time for the event and ready to make an impression with attendees!

Do you know why our folded leaflets have the name ‘concertina’? The word comes from the musical instrument of the same name – like an accordion, this instrument can be played by expanding and contracting its bellows. The leaflets provided for PIM consisted of 4 double-sided folds which meant the product could be neatly folded into itself, hence its name!


Despite the short deadline, our expert team was able to deliver on this tight turnaround meaning Plant Integrity Management could take the branded notebooks, wallets and leaflets to its event.

We were delighted to receive an abundance of excellent feedback from the client, who was more than happy with the printed materials!

Kerry Bain,
Marketing Lead

“Our notebooks, wallets and leaflets looked great! We can’t thank XIC enough for the quick turnaround, despite the tight deadline.”.


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